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Important Note: These articles are history, dude, and all references to upcoming meetings and contact addresses and phone numbers and other things that change with time should be ignored. I decided to leave them in for readability.

Evolve or Die - December 1992

Note from 1996: this article is from a newsletter called "The OSCILLATOR." NEMUS - Northwest Electronic Musicians is the group that Steve and I joined just before he took that trip to to the CyberArts conference. We wrote for a couple of months in the Oscillator before the new name was adopted and the rest as they say...


If you have been reading the Oscillator lately or have attended the last two meetings, you may have noticed a broadening of the direction of this group. You have heard of new tools for our trade that are being developed or have recently entered the marketplace. This article is for those of you who may have joined NEMUS to get some practical help and encouragement from fellow members regarding your current music and equipment. I'm talking about the stuff you have NOW.

Let's face it, some of us just won't be spending any more bucks on new equipment for a while. Don't get me wrong. Frugal as I need to be, I still enjoy all the Cybertalk and flash and new toys and all, but I understand that some of us barely had the money to get that dream keyboard, let alone the bare necessities to participate in this art form. And I understand the importance of being current on all the new possibilities, but this group should not be just for those who have the bucks. Even CyberArt is still art, and art should not be limited to the "special few."

I would like to hear more discussion that ties in the analog years of synthesis. I would like to discuss early MIDI synths which are very affordable these days. Members who have been collecting equipment over the years have likely dealt with problems you may be having now with some seemingly obscure, but very cool sounding synth. Many of us who are entry-level users could gain from hearing that some of their equipment could be used in the future. I must add here that every new piece of equipment or software that has been added to my collection lately has greatly increased the use of my old equipment.

Now, most importantly, please don't be intimidated by the growing numbers in this organization. I hope that we can all learn from each other at the meetings and particularly in sub-groups that we could potentially form. The larger the group gets, the more likely it is that if you have a problem, someone will have the solution. Also, it is more likely that you can get good feedback on your music from someone who is working in a similar vein. (If that's what you would like.) I hope that we can begin forming these smaller groups soon to discover what bubbles of knowledge we have bobbing around out there.

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