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April 1993

Important Note: These articles are history and all references to upcoming meetings and contact addresses and phone numbers and other things that change with time should be ignored. I decided to leave them in for readability.

April 1993

Hi! By the time you read this my wife will have had our second child and I will probably be caught somewhere between wishing I could sleep and fighting to stay awake. Those of you with children know what I mean. Fortunately, I am most creative when I'm very tired. Unfortunately I'm very clumsy and forgetful as well. I wish my brain had a MIDI out maybe even a video send for dreams Ah, well...

Video to MIDI really blows my skirt up. I enjoyed seeing an ANALOG, traditional artist sync in with some high tech. It gave another dimension to an already dynamic artform. As someone who spends a lot of time working with MIDI keyboards, I was suddenly hit with realizations of why the alternate controllers that Craig and Brian have mentioned at meetings are so important. I had never heard the result of a MIDI instrument being played through means other than a keyboard. Fascinating and inspirational.

But not affordable.

The April Meeting...(Note - this is historical and the meeting was long ago!)

Which brings me to the subject of the April meeting. Sorry, but all the portable MIDI equipment within our reach would not make an adequate follow-up to the Video to MIDI show! So the focus has broadened. I will still have my portable devices, and I still encourage anyone with small devices or controllers to bring them in. The subject of the demonstration is now The portable and AFFORDABLE MIDI studio. We will have both PC and Mac based sequencers, Keyboard workstations, rack mount stuff, both analog and digital synths and effects, etc...

Paul Wynia will be with me and we will demonstrate our setups individually. I hope that anyone who has ever wanted to build their own home studio will come loaded with questions for us. Considering the people I have seen attending these meetings I think I can say that any MIDI question you have ever had could probably be answered on the spot.

I also hope that this will bring back some of the electronic musicians in this group. I paid to join NEMUS so that I could talk tech and art with other electronic musicians in our area. I guess I want to get that back.

So, no matter where you stand with MIDI - DSP engineer or poet - I hope that there will be enough toys to allow everyone a chance to jam together on Monday night.

And I still want to swap art with you folks.

See ya,

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