Einar Ask

Hi, I’m Einar. Maybe we know each other.

I live in the Seattle area, and have worked mostly in the commercial fishing industry.

Fishing as a kid.

I started fishing on my dad’s boat when I was 9, so I’ve been in the commercial fishing industry all my life. I work at Marco Global. We manufacture deck equipment for the commercial fishing industry. In the past I worked at Seattle Marine for 18 years, and Garware-Wall Ropes for 5 years after that.

I work in marketing mostly. In the 90s I made a few commercial websites, but the largest was for Seattle Marine. I still create and promote websites and their content. I'm currently pretty busy with marcoglobal.com. I write copy, illustrate and photograph products. I make promotional and instructional videos, manuals, and brochures. I make catalogs. Lately it’s a big job to upgrade older websites for html5 and mobile compliance through responsive design. Everything is SEO.

I have managed large amounts of data, and built relational databases to manage inventory both locally and from afar.

Data Visualization has been my thing recently and you can see it at Marco Global. The way I present data combines my numbers side and my artistic side.

My hobbies have gotten attention through the years.

My Speaking Orbs were at the EMP in Seattle for 5 years. I’ve been fortunate to have had many wonderful collaborators and mentors over the years and have been involved with interesting projects that have appeared in places such as MTV and Sesame Street.

I’ve always played and written music and I’ve been solo and also a member of a few bands. Most notable was UVC, The UltraViolet Catastrophe. Currently I mostly play guitar at home.

Aviation is a keen interest of mine, and I am a private pilot who enjoys a nice day at an airshow.

I would like to spend more time helping people preserve their family histories in a way similar to what I did with my own father, Ingvald Ask a few years ago. Everyone has a family member who should be recorded right now before it’s too late.

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